Who are we?

Courage & Kindness Co. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are dedicated to bringing authentic character experiences to children in our area, especially children in need.

We are the only registered character performance nonprofit in Indiana, and you won't find our dedication to providing magical moments anywhere else! If you are interested in booking Courage & Kindness Co. for a hospital visit or charitable event, contact us for more information! We do not charge for these performances, however donations are always welcome.

For birthday parties and other events that do not fit within our mission, we recommend Once Upon a Princess and Your Party Princess! 


There are a lot of reasons to love CKC. We provide high quality character performing services at no cost for charitable and volunteer events. But what do we mean when we say high quality? We mean that we’re confident our service will be as magical as possible from start to finish. Our performers are extensively trained and are committed to continual improvement. We think princesses should do more than just “stand there and look pretty”-- so our performers take any opportunity to reinforce positive character traits, share one on one inspirational moments, and give each and every little one a reminder that they are valued, important, and loved.

Enchanting Attire

We extend our quality not just through our performance, but into our gowns and accessories as well! Every outfit is professionally crafted and made to mimic the details of the gowns from the fairy tales your children know and love. Kids will recognize our princesses as their favorite character from the moment they catch sight! We don’t end the quality there, either.

Curated Gifts

Courage & Kindness Co. also provides gifts to the children we serve (availability dependant on event size) to give them a lasting reminder of the moments we share. We select gifts based on their educational or emotional benefit to the child. We love that a crown can remind a child that their favorite princess came to visit, and we love it even more if that crown can be a symbol of their confidence in themselves and their excitement for their bright and regal future! We work to curate gifts that can offer a lasting impact on children even beyond their value as a momento.

Tailored Experiences

Lastly, our service is high quality because it is unique. All of our activities, from stage shows to story times and everything in between, are tailored to the populations we are serving. We think the kids we have the amazing opportunity to perform for deserve not only a service that is the best, but also a service that is the best for their unique interests and needs! We are always working to accommodate children with a variety of disabilities and medical needs. If there is anything we can do to make an interaction or event more special for a child with special needs, we do our best to make that happen! We see these accommodations not as roadblocks, but as amazing opportunities to bring happiness and joy.

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