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The world needs more young women like the ones in this organization. The work this group performs reminds us there is still good in the world. They bring such light and love to the hearts of princesses (and mommy’s) of all ages! The kindness and genuine friendship shown to my daughter and I is heartwarming. Words fall short when trying to explain the beautiful work they perform!


So kind and lovely. My baby girl was in awe! What a wonderful experience for her and me! Thank you!


These girls are amazing! Thanks for the shout out to my granddaughter, Cora! She loves all the princesses.


Courage and Kindness is an amazing company that provides kids with amazing, life like experiences!


Courage & Kindness Company is an amazing not for profit organization that spreads a beautiful message of being kind to all. [The Snow Queen] did an amazing job and was a huge hit for our organization. They made our event magical for all of our families. I cannot say enough great things about this organization and it's mission.


Courage & Kindness is a wonderful non-profit organization managed by some really great princesses. I have known Bonnie for a long time and she is totally wonderful and trustworthy. Everyone should support this cause! #princesseswhoserve


I have been to and hosted multiple events where [Rosie] made a spectacular appearance. She is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone I know. I especially love how she incorporates the importance of reading, education and kindness in her appearances.


Bonnie is exceptionally talented and professional. She has a beautiful singing voice, as you would expect from a princess 😉. She has a real heart for children and they just seem to flock to her side. This is not a cheap setup by any means. Bonnie's costumes are professional quality. We have had multiple occasions to spend time with Bonnie and her princess friends and each time they were all very professional and fun. You will not regret having this princess visit your child, either for a birthday party or a hospital pick me up. We will be back again and again!


Rosie always makes an event special. She has a wide variety of characters available for booking, and this appeals to many kids! I would absolutely recommend Princesses by Rosie to anyone - she is upbeat, positive, and dedicated to the characters. Rosie puts in the time to make each child feel special, and that they have made a real connection to their favorite princess. I know this business not only benefits the kids she visits, but it is also a huge source of joy for Rosie herself. Invite a princess to your event (birthday, party, celebration, etc!) and I know that it will make a wonderful lasting impression on everyone there!


Bonnie is absolutely amazing!! She has done birthday parties for my sisters and she came to see one of my sisters in the hospital and was a light that got my sister to smile and laugh! I would recommend Bonnie any day! She is incredibly professional and is amazing with children! Absolutely love her!


Rosie came to my shy daughter's birthday and she was perfect in every way! She was very sweet and able to bring her out of her shell and really connected with her- her princess knowledge and ability to engage with children is superb! Lila truly thought Elsa was her friend. She was also VERY professional- her communication was great with me before and after, she was prompt, her costume was amazing and even rolled with the punches when our guest dogs created commotion. She's simply terrific!


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