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Sea Witch

You’ll find that nowadays, she’s mended all her ways. Repented, seen the light, and made a switch! True, yes, The Sea Witch is a part of our world and can’t wait to greet all the Poor, Unfortunate Souls in this kingdom. We don’t recommend you sign any contracts with her, she has a habit of sneaking in a squid-pro-quo when is serves her! She pairs nicely with the Mermaid Princess (especially in her village dress). She also has a lot of fun creating mischief with her villain friends. Invite her to any festive Halloween event and be ready for her to belt her favorite song-- it’s one of her favorite activities. After all she stole such a nice voice to sing it with! All of our villains bring a little dash of wicked fun, but they promise to play nice with others and we’re certain little ones will have a ton of fun getting to know them!

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