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These angels were taken too soon, but we strive to honor them and show their spirits living on in the work that we do. Please join us in remembering them and the impact they had on all those who knew them.

Marshall Pendleton


Marshall (pictured left) is the brother of our COO, Sam Pendleton. He was a light to everyone he met. He truly embodied the spirit of a little brother and his presence will always be missed. Marshall had a heart for special needs and he had a dream to work with the Down syndrome population. We will always remember and attempt to emulate his joyful spirit in our work.

Matthew Alexander


Matthew was the older brother of our CEO, Bonnie King. Though he lived a short life it was very impactful to those who knew him. Bonnie credits her original interest in helping medically fragile children to his influence on her life. His life was a miracle that will never be forgotten. "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep."

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