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Evil Queen

Who’s the fairest of them all? We’ve been told it’s this Queen! We wouldn’t advise telling her if you disagree, she doesn’t care much for dissent! If your event could use a touch of wicked flair, the Evil Queen would love an invitation. She promises to leave all the food at any feast you may provide unpoisoned-- especially the apples-- as long as you play by her rules, of course! She loves to attend events with her villainous friends during the Halloween season, but she will come to any party worthy of her grace and poise. We wouldn’t say it to her, but it seems the Evil Queen has softened a bit in recent years, and can stand to be in the same room as Snow White, too! This pair is perfect for events year round, especially tea parties! All of our villains bring a little dash of wicked fun, but they promise to play nice with others and we’re certain little ones will have a ton of fun getting to know them!

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